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Re: Yet another Paternoster

From:michael poxon <m.poxon@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 3, 2003, 23:42
First bit of the Paternoster in Omeina:

1. Au! Aiteme nuan sinua, kema ellentua alairia
2. Andá egin sinua, kenan mairidunarea duna, kenan einetirea kuaina.
3. Algora milde jaru arun gamaima
4. O estagora baliname, egin esta magi baltuan milde

1. (O!) (father - our) (He-reverential - relative) (heaven - loc),
(Let/aux.-1pp) (make holy) ('great name' - thy)
2. (Earth - loc) (like, also) (heaven - loc), (Let it that) (kingdom - thy)
(come), (Let it that) (will-thy) (happen).
3. (Give - reverential) (to us) (today) (daily) (bread-our)
4. (And) (Forgive-rev.) (sin-our), (like, also) (forgive) (Aux/1ps-4p) (to
do evil - relative) (to us)

Notes: Line:-
1. There are several words for 'name' in Omeina, depending on how a name is
bestowed. Alai 'great name' refers to a name given by a mother at birth and
is usually held to contain the idea of 'the name is the thing itself'
2. The Auleri have no concept parallelling the Christian idea of heaven.
Their nearest cultural construct would be sinu 'dark and clear night sky'.
    Omeina is exclusively suffixing and this includes clause formation. The
relative marker -n is appended to the verbal idea (usually an auxiliary)
which introduces the following clause.
    The auxiliary ke- 'let, allow' with relative marker termination is a way
of translating the subjunctive. The ergative case is used here with the idea
of 'the kingdom doing a coming' etc.
3. The suffix -gora is one of several forms of the imperative.
    Gamaima 'our bread' from **gamama, but Omeina does not permit
reduplication of this syllable, as well as several others.
4. Magin 'we-those-that' uses the 4th person object marker -gi, translating
'those, everyone involved, group of things'. The main auxiliary verb in
Omeina has no independent form, but is composed only of the subject and
object markers that convey the required meaning together with any other
necessary suffixes.

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