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Re: Sports in Conlangs (was Re: OFF: Soccer and rugby )

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 5, 1999, 20:16
Doug Ball asked:

>For all those interested in the Rugby World Cup, I found that going to > has pretty comprehensive coverage, >although I'm sure you could find comparably coverage at news-type websites >in your own countries. Being an American I have a hard time understanding >the jargon (it's worse with cricket-and I even played cricket one time >informally), but it's interesting to see what's important to the rest of >the >world. I'm actually a big fan of (American) football (my beloved Broncos >are >0-4:-( ), and a lesser fan of baseball, hockey, and basketball (the >American >Big Four team sports). Being a resident of Denver (except not now that I'm >in college) I can have enormous civic pride for any of our sports teams, >even our soccer team, the Rapids.
I think *maybe* that ESPN's website covers world rugby (probably not your typical intramural college rugby), but I dunno. Cricket, probably not, I don't know of any cricket teams here. Not in Texas at least. (We're obsessed with baseball too much.) And what's up with the Broncos, didn't they only just win two consecutive Super Bowls? (What's really scary is my team, the Dallas Cowboys, are undefeated?!)
>The question I would like to pose to the list (so were a little more on >task) is what sports do have have in your conlangs? My conlang, Skerre, is >spoken by a people that is not related culturally to this world (except by >"coincidence"), so my people haven't borrowed sports like soccer or rugby >that have become "world" sports. They do have a game called sian, which >much like the American football punt. The "offense" tries to advance the >ball across the line for a point (and retention of possession) through the >punt or subsequent kicks. The defense tries to get a point and gain >possession by blocking the punt, then advancing it through any means across >an oppposite goal line.
You know, I've been trying (half-assed really) to promote a sport of my own, which I've called various names such as 'Texas football' or 'super football', but I think I'm going to call it 'power football'. I might make this my conculture's sport and thus it could be called 'Techian football'. Basically, it's a mix of American and Australian football, rugby and soccer (the 'real football'). The goal apparatus is similar to that used in Gaelic football, a combination soccer net/rugby-Amer. f'ball uprights. Two teams of 13 compete, and it's continuous action, ackling and blocking like in Aussie rules (no pad gear except optional knee/shin and elbow pads, and maybe a leather helmet), and a lot of different ways to score. Field goals are 3 points, touchdowns are 6, and touchdown goals (kick the ball in the net) are 10 points; in the latter two cases, a 1, 2 or 3 point conversion try ensues, so you can score up to 13 points in one drive. Careful though, there's only one down. Another feature is the 'mark' of Aussie rules, where a long-distance kick is caught and a free kick follows. I need to get the rules written up later on... Other than that, Techians have several very common favorite pastimes: baseball and boxing (since Techia is today a Caribbean island nation), and of course soccer, basketball and track-and-field. A few wrestlers have come from the island paradise, maybe a couple in the WWF... Danny ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at