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Sports in Conlangs (was Re: OFF: Soccer and rugby )

From:Doug Ball <db001i@...>
Date:Monday, October 4, 1999, 14:51
> Raymond A. Brown wrote: >> >> At 11:50 pm -0300 2/10/99, FFlores wrote: >> ....... >> > >> >Oh, Argentina just lost the first match (to the Wales team, so that's >> >not a terrible thing). Not that I care much about it. I think our Pumas >> >are quite good internationally speaking, but they can't do anything >> >against the Wales or New Zealand teams... >> >> But they might, they just might. >> >> The pumas played well against Wales & the winning margin was not much. >> It's quite a possibility that the Pumas as well as the Welsh dragons will >> get through the qualifying rounds :) >> > > How do the French team behave for the moment? I know that after the > Mondial, they would like to behave as well :) . > > Christophe Grandsire >
For all those interested in the Rugby World Cup, I found that going to has pretty comprehensive coverage, although I'm sure you could find comparably coverage at news-type websites in your own countries. Being an American I have a hard time understanding the jargon (it's worse with cricket-and I even played cricket one time informally), but it's interesting to see what's important to the rest of the world. I'm actually a big fan of (American) football (my beloved Broncos are 0-4:-( ), and a lesser fan of baseball, hockey, and basketball (the American Big Four team sports). Being a resident of Denver (except not now that I'm in college) I can have enormous civic pride for any of our sports teams, even our soccer team, the Rapids. The question I would like to pose to the list (so were a little more on task) is what sports do have have in your conlangs? My conlang, Skerre, is spoken by a people that is not related culturally to this world (except by "coincidence"), so my people haven't borrowed sports like soccer or rugby that have become "world" sports. They do have a game called sian, which much like the American football punt. The "offense" tries to advance the ball across the line for a point (and retention of possession) through the punt or subsequent kicks. The defense tries to get a point and gain possession by blocking the punt, then advancing it through any means across an oppposite goal line. -Doug Ball