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Re : Re(2): Marmite and other "unique" foods

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Date:Monday, October 4, 1999, 16:21
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 04/10/99 11:50:40  , Barry a =E9crit :

Anyhoo, I'm a bit
> surprised there aren't any pure Chinese restaurants (pure meaning they > serve only Chinese food).
to get that, you need first colonize a place - say viet-nam, cambodia, algeria, morocco, senegal, etc. - and pressure their population for a century, educate local elites in metropolitan universities, yet not allow them to govern locally but still appoint the brightest of them in metropolitan administration - or in the national government like Leopold Sedar-Sengor - so as to show them how they can crush you within a year when they go back home. then you're 100% sure they manage to fool then-colons as to food. but by no means does a few years' warfare and a final defeat help in any way= . BTW : every time i go to england or the netherland i'm so grateful indians a= nd indonesians brought the best of local cooking. ("local" is to be understood the way it has to ;-). mathias