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Re: Gulliver

From:Dan Jones <dan@...>
Date:Thursday, January 17, 2002, 1:42
John Cowan escreva:
>The Gray Wizard scripsit: > > > Poppycock! A man or woman with a dark complexion might speak Hindi, Kikuyu, > > Dyirbal or any number of other unrelated languages. Complexion would give > > me no clue as which he or she might speak. > >Don't forget English, Spanish, and French.
I don't know there- people often tell me I "look French" and some even start speaking to me in French which confuses me and messes up my internal monologue for the rest of the day. Dan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ semo la flamma, semo la casea semo la tuta, semo la cambea We are the spark, we are the flame We are the people, we are the change