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pro-forms (was: Re: linguolabials)

From:J Matthew Pearson <pearson@...>
Date:Thursday, June 14, 2001, 18:03
Shreyas Sampat wrote:

> What other pro-things are there? Pronouns, of course, are all over the > place. IMO this is possible because a noun tends to be used repeatedly in > a discourse, and so methods are devised to avoid that. On the other hand, > verbs are usually unrepeated for reasonable periods, and so when a proverb > is used it's going to be either in a poetic context or such that the > antecedent's been forgotten, or possibly in a me-too construction.
Tokana has a pro-verb _omia_ "do (so)": Na nelha ilohfoi, elh ma ifoi lolhampute omia' she leave tomorrow and I then(Future) week-DAT do-so-DEP "She will leave tomorrow, and I will (do so) next week" This proverb is derived from _omi_ "thus, so, like this/that, that's how", which among other uses, functions as a pro-adverbial, and as a pro-clause: Na nelha ilohfoi, su omi opama she leave tomorrow or so think-I "She will leave tomorrow, or so I think" In this example, _omi_ stands in for _na nelha ilohfoi_ "she will leave tomorrow". _Omi_ also forms the basis for a number of other pro-adverbials: omaun "if so, if that's the case" omielh "in order for that to happen, therefore" omitalh "because of that, for that reason, that's why" omusna "instead of that, instead" Matt.


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