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Re: Cherokee

From:Tommie Powell <tommiepowell@...>
Date:Thursday, December 3, 1998, 20:41
Carlos Thompson wrote:

> I've just find this on another list, in case someone finds it > interesting: > > -- Carlos Th > > <<<< > The invention of SignWriting is at times compared to the invention of > the written alphabet for the Cherokee Indian language. The Cherokee > Indian chief Sequoyah, who invented the written form for his native > spoken language, was also surrounded by controversy for 25 years. His > own people burned his books and threatened his life. They actually put > him on trial for being a witch, but then he taught the jurors at the > trial how to read and write (I am not kidding, that is the story!) and > they decided it was pretty terrific!! So instead of executing him, they > decided to use Sequoyah's alphabet, and now the Cherokee Indian language > is preserved for future generations. > >>>>
One minor point: It's a syllabary, rather than an alphabet. -- Tommie