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Re: Pleasantries

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Monday, April 4, 2005, 6:19
Scott wrote:
> I have recently begun thinking about pleasantries for my conlang > wikilret. There is a formal gender and a deference infix for verbs when > the object of the sentence is of higher social standing. But I'm still > thinking about how to handle pleasantries such as please, thank you, > your welcome, etc. > > So how do natlangs or your conlang handle such words or circumstances? >
Kash: please: maturo 'I beg', more formal turole 'begging'; one or the other _must_ be used when addressing an imperative to a superior/older. Maturo/turole also can mean 'excuse me', e.g. if you bump into someone, or want to interrupt. (Indonesian has two ways of saying please: tolong 'help' and coba 'try'; I think the distinction is, tolong if you're asking for something to be done for your behalf; coba if you're telling someone to do something for themselves or just generally.) Thanks: makuvus 'I thank ~I am grateful' to which the reply is _ta yale_ 'there is not'