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Re: Ogoneking the Consonants

From:P. M. ARKTAYG <pmva@...>
Date:Saturday, May 27, 2000, 21:58
Kristian Jensen ta nugatu-r:

>>> BTW, how do you represent the ogonek in ASCII? >> >>A fine question.
> What about using the comma <,>? E.g., <a,>, <e,>, <i,>, > <o,>, <u,>. I'm just guessing of course. Don't we have > a resident Polish person who can answer this question?
I don't know if I am resident :) but... a comma or a semicolon. a, a; = [Ow~], [Om], [On], [On^], [ON], [O] e, e; = [Ew~], [Em], [En], [En^], [EN], [E] -- P. M. ARKTAYG "Ceterum censeo elfos extinguendos esse" - Melkor Maximus