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The meaning of "ilicom" (perhaps hungarian?)

From:Le cavallero <cavallero@...>
Date:Thursday, May 30, 2002, 17:57
Can anyone on this list please tell me the meaning of the word "ilicom" in
any language, if it exists? When I google for it, I get some results, they
seem to be Hungarian, but perhaps it is a firm or a brand.

Background for this question:

I am working on a yet unnamed conlang (actually rather a condialect, based
very strongly on Interlingua de IALA) which should serve several purposes:
- it should be fun to work on for me
- it should help my little daughter to get aquainted with a romance-based
- it should be the language of a conculture on a non-existing mediterranian
- it should (dare I mention that here? ;-) present some thoughts (like
"unspecified" instead of "neuter" gender) on the market of ideas for an auxlang
(please don't ask me any details about that, not on this list, at least)

I would like to find out if "ilicom" is a suitable word for naming it, so if
there are any connotations to this word in a language known to anyone here,
I would be very thankful to hear about it.


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