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Re: The meaning of "ilicom" (perhaps hungarian?)

From:Walter Tsuyoshi Sano <parsec@...>
Date:Friday, May 31, 2002, 13:57
> > A couple of years ago, I was brainstorming names for conlangs. > > 'Ílico' (stress on the first |i|) was one of them. I don't > > remember the other names, but they have been safely written > > on a piece of paper... Hmm... which I don't seem to remember > > where I put/hid... > > > > Anyway, it would be the language spoken on a island, in the > > Kingdom of Parseconia (whose currency are Parsekronen ;). > > I had almost forgotten it... > > This is interesting indeed - as I said, it is (among other things) > a conlang for a yet unnamed island, with a principality > ("princedom"?!?) as its political system, at least for a > considerable part of its history, and the currency would > probably be either soveranos or, more likely ... coronas. > Now you probably want to sue me ;-)
On the contrary! You brought back memories long forgotten. I should thank you! And thank you I do!
> Before you do, please tell me, did you > work out anything about the lang?
Besides the name? Well... how the name is spelt :) No, really. The names 'Ílico', 'Antálio' and 'Mantao' (remembered two more names :) were no more than names. Sometimes I just brainstorm names, with no further purpose. Back when I would play Prince of Persia 2, my savegames would read: -Mikanohr Mekleahr -Salian Nefrentil -Berai Semantai -Selanohr Gelerai -etc. instead of simply saying where I was. As a matter of fact, I barely knew where I was :), but knew which one was the last savegame.