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USAGE: maneuver was THEORY: lexical shift [was Re: Time machine]

From:Tony Hogard <james.hogard@...>
Date:Monday, July 15, 2002, 20:57
Tristan McLeay:

> What's a Picard manoeuvre[1]?
> [1]: Just a question about the American spelling of that word. Had > /nj/ > /n/ already happened by the time American spellings were > redone? > 'maneuver' really suggests /m{nj@v@(r)/ as it's pronunciation. (cf. > e.g. 'euphemism'.)
Hmmm... I've got (here in the States) /m@nuv@r/. Initial "eu" is usually /ju/. neutrino /nutrino/ neutral /nutr@l/ deuce /dus/ leukocyte /lukosait/ vs. feud /fjud/ heuristic /hjurIstIk/ but I also have new /nju/ ... -Tone


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