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Translating translations (Was: Re: The Lord's Prayer, a translation exercise)

From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Monday, July 15, 2002, 19:14
On Mon, Jul 15, 2002 at 06:57:31PM +0000, Ray Brown wrote:
> On Sunday, July 14, 2002, at 08:31 , Thomas R. Wier wrote:
> >Perhaps it's best to look first at the original Greek text > >from Matthew 6:9-13 again (omitting accent marks): > > Yes indeed - translating a translation tends to increase inaccuracies - > rather like the game "Chinese whispers".
[snip] You mean, like the Conlang Translation Relays. :-) I mean... playing children turning into magic eggs. 'Nuff said! T -- Frank disagreement binds closer than feigned agreement.


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