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Re: relay 1: Czevraqis vocbulary details, 1/3 et seq

From:claudio <claudio.soboll@...>
Date:Friday, August 24, 2001, 5:09
YHL> On Thursday, August 23, 2001, at 04:24 PM, Roger Mills wrote:

>> Yoon Ha Lee wrote: >>> What are your favourite word-clusters in Kash? >> >> Not necessarily a favorite, but one of the lengthier: >>
YHL> And a useful one, too, I imagine.
>> MEPU (vt) to do, to make; >> (inch.) yumepu to set to work, get to work; >> (caus.) rumbepu to put s.o. to work at..., to order s.t. done; >> (accid.) cakamepu overloaded/swamped with work; >> (noml.) ambepu deed, action; job, work, project; colloq. mepu + poss. id. >> , >> work, >> s.t. to do, job, project; >> (agt.nom.) kambepu workman, laborer; >> (pot.) pomepu doable, feasible; trapomepu not feasible; >> mepu-mepu (n) busy-work; camepu-mepu to do busy-work; pretend to work, >> goof off;
---->> tramepu left undone, incomplete; not done (either by omission, or because ---->> the work was abandoned, contrast ta rumbende incomplete but due to be ---->> finished); ---->> trambepu unemployed good day. well that reminds me to some process-aspects. but i dont quite understand: does tramepu refer to a not-yet-started-working-process or to an interrupted working-process ? a process which is stopped and aimed to be continued is : interrupted -> aspect of interruption a process which is stopped and not aimed to be continued is : aborted -> aspect of abortion a process which is stopped before it has been started and to be continued is: deferred -> aspect of deferral a process which is stopped before it has been started and not to be continued is: cancelled -> aspect of cancellation and others ... which one do you mean with "trambedu" and "rumbende" ? "to stop" is a very ambiguos but usefull generic verb, and i used it as neutral form, without any aspects. i was unable to find a term for the "time span before a process has started", to name it "preparation" would be inappropriate, because a preparation itself is a process and not a "process-free time-span". perhaps someone can give me a hint to find the correct term? regards, c.s. YHL> I like the distinction between "tramepu" and "ta rumbende," though no YHL> doubt it would get me into hot water...<G> YHL> YHL "rurmlor entflöt, fluppseveri trimel akre wopel larf." - alte redensart