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Re: Subject: Allnoun langs (was: Telona on the web at last)

From:Stone Gordonssen <stonegordonssen@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 30, 2003, 14:30
My apology for the delay in answering this, bu I've just now completed my
packing and am in the process of moving.

>Very elegant! IIRC, you said that 'i' also gave an intrinsically >animate word inanimate meaning - so is 'shari' a homicide and 'shara' >a suicide? :) (No, I suppose they would just be *considered* as >inanimate/deanimated ... so perhaps 'shari' could be a person >undergoing some involuntary action?)
I had not envisioned suffixes /i/ and /a/ as not fully analagous, though now I will rethink that when I've time. I had not intended /a/ to change state of a noun which is classed as 'animate', but I see the usefulness of that. I considered making instances like 'shari' /person-inanimate/ mean 'suicide' or even 'corpse' but found that limited the language too much.
>Good question :) ... but in what context? It would have to be a >sentence which Telona couldn't translate using a word meaning, >in effect, 'lover', and they don't come up very often.
True, context would change the root used.
>Hmmm ... 'Love makes the world go round.' perhaps? No, 'love' in this >sentence would be [lover -nve]. '-nve' is a suffix which indicates - >well, it's difficult to explain in general terms, but in this case it >means 'lover *insofar as* he/she is loving', rather than bare [lover] >which would be merely '*while* loving'. The translation could be >paraphrased as 'Lovers, insofar as they love, make the world go >round.'
This is what I meant when I wrote that Telona is clearly more elegant that Nenshar: you've allowed instances/noun which I found difficult to as I mentally tried to map the development of nouns in Nenshar - my choice in some ways seemed to cripple my efforts. If all I have are objects & states, then how do I abstract love beyond sex-organ excitement? I could see having certain sets of objects and their states connote emotional love. But alas it was at this point that I was forced to put my work on Nenshar on hold.
>Watch out for updates of the PDF on my (very humble!) website. I've >already updated it since I first put it up (latest draft is 21.4.03). >The (still forthcoming) section on specific lexical categories might >interest you.
Will you repost that? I seem to have lost the URL (or else filed in in an incorrect folder). _______________________________________________ Alterum animi mei quaerens natus anctus harpyiae et stoici Elysiis triste praepalor. _________________________________________________________________ Add photos to your e-mail with MSN 8. Get 2 months FREE*.