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Re: Archaen: A Bit of Magical Whimsy

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Saturday, March 6, 1999, 16:27
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Edward Heil <edheil@...> wrote:
> In the roleplaying game Talislanta, the language wizards use is Archaen. > It's ancient and nobody does anything but cast spells in it anymore. > > What would a language like that look like? Well, I designed the nominal > system with some interesting cases.....
> > Possessive > Supernatural possession (=Talislan > "under the supernatural control of")
Shouldn't that be "suppernaturally controlling"? Then you could use the pair possessive - incantative (or a similar one): The evil spirit.POSS commanded him.INC to do X. Just a thought.
> Apparitive > Appearance (=Talislan "in the shape > of")
> Vocative > Calling people/things by name in > mundane circumstances. See also > Evocative, Invocative, and > Incantative, which are special > versions of the Vocative. They are > all used in direct address, not in > ordinary sentences. > Evocative > Speaking to one who is on another > plane of existence
Which person gets marked for evocative, the speaker or the hearer in another plane of existence? Could you post some examples of each case? [snip]
> Abfiative > The original form of a > transformation (=Talislan "from" in > the sentence "he changed from a > prince into an exomorph") > Adfiative > The final form of a transformation > (=Talislan "to" in the above > sentence)
Really cool stuff.
> > Any further ideas for "magical" cases or other grammatical constructions > welcomed!
Lots of ideas! Just not to repeat what others said, I'd propose: nouns (and adjectives) with inflections that tell you if they are really what they seem, or a bad thing in disguise, or a good thing that just looks awful because it's been transformed, or you don't know, etc. For example: QST = you ask yourself if this is really true HOR = different from what is meant in a horrible way NAM = not as much as it seems AFR = you're afraid of this (You're walking with Xyz and see a tall ivory castle beyond) You: What a beautiful castle.QST! Xyz: It's Morgana's home.HOR. She lives there with her servants.HOR. She's a really beautiful.QST lady.QST. You: I did hear she's beautiful.NAM. Will we meet her.AFR? I don't know if this is mystic, or magic, but it has a certain schizoid flavour that seems appropriate for "dark" fantasy. --Pablo Flores * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Fooling around with alternating current is a waste of time. Nobody will use it, ever. Thomas Edison