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Re: Number and noun terminology questions

From:Philippe Caquant <herodote92@...>
Date:Sunday, February 8, 2004, 7:54
"Patient nouns", I think, would be concepts like
"prey", "victim", etc, but there seems to be few of
them. French "le blessé" = the injured person.

"Agent nouns" is ambiguous. Does that mean the agent
doing the action in this very sentence only (ex: the
seller has the obligation of...), or the agent whose
usual function is to do this action (the baker, the
postman, Latin rex = the one who rules), or other ?

As to patients nouns, what about nouns representing
the result of an action (French: la déchirure = result
of tearing apart) ?

I don't understand "multal", but as it has been said,
maybe it would be something like a band put together
(a pack of hounds) ?

--- Trebor Jung <treborjung@...> wrote:
> Merhaba! > > Padraic wrote: > > "I guess if you're going to involve gramatical > number, you could add singular, plural, dual, paral > to that list. If you want to get into mathematical > number, you can add rational, irrational, imaginary, > etc. > > What about 'multiples'? And what do 'paral' and > 'multal' mean? > > "Agent." > > And is there such a thing as patient nouns? What are > some examples? > > --Trebor
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