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Re: Number and noun terminology questions

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, February 8, 2004, 5:15
Padraic wrote:
> > And is there such a thing as patient nouns? > > Sure. "Teacher" etc. This isn't the same kind of > agency you get in verbs. An agent noun is simply > an expression of who does the thing described: a > teacher is the person that does teaching. In IE > languages, they often show up with -r endings.
Harking back to the Latin terminology I've encountered in old grammars: nomina agentis : agent nouns "person who does VERB" nomina patientis: "patient nouns" "thing that is VERB-ed" (and others) Indonesian morphology separates these quite clearly (unlike Engl. in a lot of cases) tanya (to) question penanya questioner, interrogator (peng+tanya) pertanyaan a question (some verbs form their pat.noun simply with -an)
> Agent (curiously enough, itself is not an agent > noun, but rather a participle!) means "doing" and > that describes very nicely what these nouns are > up to.
Similarly "patient" --- "suffering"