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Re: I have a dream

From:Christopher Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 23, 2002, 2:53
Jan van Steenbergen sekalge:
>Personally I like "kaidha" better than "bana" or "ban", but that could
be a
>matter of taste.
It's labials. They generally aren't considered to be the prettiest sounds. However, labiodentals are quite nice. Dentals are very common, sometimes more common than they should be. (Even tonight, I've given extra dentals in normal words. That makes me feel stupid. A feeling of stupidity is a normal state for me, though.)
>That's a positive sign. It means at least that you care more about
content than
>about form.
If you looked like me, you'd feel the same way.
>Which reminds me, that AFAIK there is no Sturnan vocabulary on-line. Is
>going to change sooner or later?
I already made the page; unfortunately, I neglected to upload it. I rectified the situation (that sounds naughty, but it's not) about half a minute ago. It is, of course, out of date, but you'd have to get me in real time to get up-to-date Sturnan.
>In Hattic I could use "alãd" (imperfect) or "lalu" (perfect), the Askaic >equivalents being "eled" and "leleu".
I'm pretty sure that I finished speaking before you replied. The imperfect form is the basic form, correct? You were lazy, just like most native speakers, and used the simpler form. Reminds me of Sturnan's nightmarish formal speech: "Ru relme suon evhedalge rel" ([ru rel 'suon ev'yedalge]) versus "Han hedalek" ([han he'dalek] or perhaps [Xan he'dalek]; yes, I know that h > X is rare, but it is possible). ru: non-perfect (neutral perfection) particle relme: reflexive particle suon: he ev-: intransitive affix hed-: eat rel: reflexive pronoun han: reflexive particle They both mean "He ate himself", but the former is formal and carefully not implying perfection, whereas the latter is gutter talk and implying perfection. How about you? What's the nastiest feature of Hattic? Of Askaic? Laimes, Wright. ____ "Usul. That's base of the pillar. But how can that be, since I am the basest thing living?"