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From:christopher carter <cscfon@...>
Date:Friday, December 14, 2001, 11:40
Hey all-

I just joined this mailing list and I cannot believe the community I found.
The first day after I joined my inbox was flooded with 71 emails (posts) and
I was enthralled.  Not necessarily by all the topics.  (No offense, but a
non-Tolkien-fan can only read about elvish but so much.)  I haven't felt
this much like I all of a sudden fit in since I came out.  [stands]  "My
name is Chris.  I am a conlanger."  [the crowd] "HI CHRIS!"

I just wanted to say that I am in love with this new thing i discovered.
And some of you people crack me up.  (e.g. Maarten)

I have been a conlanger for at least 10 years and linguistics is my big
love, next to my career anyway.  Now, how do i keep from spending three
hours every night reading all these emails?

And if there is ANY consistency to the versions of IPA symbols used around
here, I would be greatly appreciative.

(I might as well mention that my main personal conlang is Dafhkin, which I
started when I was 15.  It is fairly simple for linguistics and is a strange
blend of early Romance and Germanic languages with some grammatical

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