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Re: Spelling reform, oficial languages, reviving old language for modern usage and other fun.

From:Michael Adams <abrigon@...>
Date:Saturday, June 3, 2006, 9:41
Will see what I can do.. Since you asked so nicely, and yes,
sometimes I need to think twice and read it twice before I hit

Even had fun reading some of my posts of late..

Also got to think less in a poetic vein, it can lead to some odd
sentence structure.

Often I forget, to put a comma in the right spot.


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From: "Eugene Oh" <un.doing@...>
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Sent: Friday, June 02, 2006 10:16 PM
Subject: Re: Spelling reform, oficial languages, reviving old
language for modern usage and other fun.

> It's really hard to understand what you're writing and to
catch your
> drift at times, Michael. I don't mean to insult or offend, but
> you please write more coherently? > > Eugene > > On 5/29/06, Michael Adams <abrigon@...> wrote: > > Some changes in the base language and how used might need to > > happen. > > > > Write and Right, same word, but different spelling, but > > pronounced the same? > > > > So Enscribe? > > > > I do hate to see things like "Perimeter" vs "Edge", but some > > people just got to get fancy. The joy of the English
> > bastard child of the Germanic/Romance language family.. > > > > (Romance cause of all the French root words in the
> > > > But heh, we expect people to give up Spanish, so they can be > > "good" Americans, we American English, still is having
> > deciding if it is French with a Germanic Grammer, or German
> > a French vocabulary? Grin.. Humor is here for this. > > > > But like the argument for Esperanto, why should I give up my > > Germanic Grammer with French vocabulary language that is
> > or atleast understood all over the place (for good or worse) > > when I can exchange it for a Romance language for the most
> > called Esperanto? > > > > But heh, people are not known for their logic and good
> > > > Conlangs are fun to do, and such, but how much change do
> > have for more than mind/language experiments? I know would
> > to not have to learn some 10 or more different languages get > > anywhere in the world, glad I am not living in India (what
> > 50 official languages, let alone the 200 or so unofficial
> > recognized languages and dielects?). > > > > Why I conlang, to see how language is done and why and ..
> > day have everyone speak mine? Or just understand how hard a > > language can be to come about or made or adopted by others.. > > Major part of the geo-political scene for sure.. > > > > Like why do people speak English, some it is cause it is
> > native tongue (yes it is mine, just do not always use it how > > others do), some for economic reasons, some for political
> > some as in India just cause its more neutral than some of
> > other languages in India that was once used by one or more
> > the often warring parties.. A form of Sanskrit like how
> > was done, would be a wierd idea? A ACALANG (academic?) that > > becomes a conlang sort of, and then becomes a NATLANG? Talk > > about word making. NATLANG or Natlang? And yes, I am off to > > sleep soon.. > > > > Mike > >