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Re: TECH: help, special characters

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Monday, June 12, 2006, 17:17
Mark J. Reed wrote:
IIRC someone told how to
> > insert unicode chars. in Open Office (???) by typing in the number, then > > hitting some combination of keys involving Alt-x ?? IIRC I experimented > > at > > the time, and it worked, but now..... > > > By now I have no doubt that you have received your requested off-list > reply,
Actually, no. Probably because it's NOT possible in OOWriter; it's supposed to be possible in MS Word, but not in the version I have; but that's OK, because in (my) Word you can create your own shortcut keystrokes at the "Special Characters" box. It does work in Wordpad, but I don't use that for ordinary ms. stuff. Finally in desperation and annoyance I went to OOO's website, found their "forum" and found an answer. As usual, on paper it sounds very convoluted, but in practice isn't. You have to create a macro, then assign the keystroke. It takes many steps... I mention this in case other users of OO Writer have been wondering; I copied the instructions for the macro and will send them to anyone who asks. (I'm not sure I could find them in the "forum" again :-(((( ) but this was bugging me as-well, so I thought I'd share with
> the group.
(snip the bit about MS Word)
> There is a somewhat more universal method that will work in any > Windows application. Just as you have always been able to enter any > Latin-1 (or, rather, Windows-1252) character by holding down the Alt > key (left Alt, not AltGr) and typing the decimal code on the numeric > keypad, you can also enter any Unicode character by holding down the > Alt key, first typing the plus sign (the one on the keypad, not the > main keyboard), and then the hexadecimal code.
An excellent tip, never before mentioned AFAIK. But it doesn't work for me........alas
> > The problem here is that menu shortcuts interfere; for instance, if I > try to enter U+012B LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH MACRON right now in my > browser, it doesn't work; the Alt+B is taken as a request to open the > Bookmarks menu. > > Like the display of supplementary characters, this may require that > you add a value to your Registry manually: under key > HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Input Method, create a new REG_SZ > (String) with value "1".
That, and your subsequent revision---
> Sigh. And the name "EnableHexNumpad" (since Input Method is indeed a
key, not a value) . . . is probably what I would need to do...if I dared.