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Re: Ebisédian is fun! (Was: Re: Ygyde is fun!)

From:bob thornton <arcanesock@...>
Date:Saturday, January 8, 2005, 6:33
--- "H. S. Teoh" <hsteoh@...> wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 07, 2005 at 06:21:30PM -0500, Andrew > Nowicki wrote: > > Memorizing euroclone vocabulary is as much fun as > memorizing a phone > > book. Only a masochist can enjoy learning Lojban's > grammar. > > Indeed! Learning auxlang vocabulary is as dull as > enumerating all > combinatorial possibilities of baby-talk sounds. > Only a nihilist can > enjoy learning grammar so blatantly obvious it might > as well not > exist! > > > > Ygyde is different! The essence of Ygyde is > playing with words. > > Suppose that V = vowel and C = consonant. Any word > having structure > > of VCVCV, CVCVCV, and VCVCVCV is a compound word > that may have a > > meaning. > [...] > > Ebisédian is different! The essence of Ebisédian is > playing with your > mind. For example, _ki_ = "red", _ci'_ = "green", > and _roi'_ = "blue". > These words instantly makes sense, right? But is > there such a thing as > common sense in the Ferochromon? Of course not! _ki_ > is also a Deeply > Significant Word in Ebisédi philosophic parlance. > When the > philosophers speak of red things, they are not > necessarily physically > red! And exactly what qualities are intended by such > a usage is, of > course, completely arbitrary and beyond human > comprehension. But it is > nevertheless red! Plus, the same word _ki_ is also > used in Ferochromon > physics to denote a certain quantum particle. And > lest you be deceived > by this simple statement that, perhaps, Ebisédian is > understandable > after all, keep in mind that given enough energy, > _ki_ can transmute > into _ci_ and _roi'_ spontaneously! Furthermore, > given even more > energy, it can transmute into something called > _kioo'si_, which is an > infinitely small unit of space with a finite volume > that tiles all > space! So when you say _ki_, does it mean 'red' as > in the color 'red', > or philosophically 'red' as in the philosophical > color 'red', or 'red' > as in the quantum particle 'red', which is to be > distinguished from > the quantum space 'red', which is not quite the same > thing as 'red > space'? I'll tell you a secret: nobody knows! But > they are all 'red' > nevertheless. Isn't that fun? > > And to top it off, _ki_ is written with the > character that descended > from the pictograph of something called the Funny > Plant, which is a > plant that walks around on its lower branches and > sucks nutrients > from its tube-roots! Such a deeply-significant word > is actually > associated with humour! (You can blame the scribes > for this one.) > > And as if this weren't enough, _ki_ is also used as > one of the noun > association markers, which nobody can possibly > understand! What might > an associated noun marked with _ki_ refer to? Your > judgment is as good > as mine! When combined with Ebisédian's decidedly > sideways pronominal > system, you might as well resort to > clicking-and-pointing instead of > pronouns to make it clear who you're referring to! > But even then, in > the Ferochromon, does pointing to someone > disambiguate who that > someone might be? Well, that depends! If you're in > the Ether, it > doesn't, because space is liquid! > > Also, Ebisédian is not encumbered by such red tape > as sensibility; > given a verb and a bunch of nouns in various cases, > the rules for > interpreting them are so unintuitive you might as > well just understand > it however you like! > > And last of all, anything with the structure CVCVCV, > VCVCVC, CVCVCVC, > or some arbitrary permutation thereof, is, in fact, > a word! Can you > imagine the audacity with which the Ebisédi speak > their language, in > which such things are in spite of the overwhelming > incomprehensibility > of all descriptions of Ebisédian actually words! I > mean, this fact > alone should convince you that you'd rather recite > the list of > botanical diseases inflicting your backyard in > alphabetical order! > (And don't get me started on Ebisédian alphabetical > order, which only > a computer program can get right!) > > :-P >
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