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Conlangea Multilingual Phrasebook, 2nd edition

From:Mia <lilami@...>
Date:Saturday, June 17, 2000, 6:17
Some of you have been around long enough to remember the Conlang
Traveler's Phrasebook. Well, it has been a while, and I think it
is time to create the second edition. I will include the Mÿjador
translations here, as my ulterior motive is to expand and refine
this new language. I actually have more Mÿjador words memorized
than I have ea-luna words memorized, but I make more grammatical
mistakes in Mÿjador than ea-luna. I tell you this because it
means that I will probably choose the right words right off, but
will probably have to repost to correct other errors, no matter
how many times I re-read the post. I will try to post an ea-luna
version as well, though that will take a little longer.

[A Note Before Posting: I've decided to break it down into
sections, since it will probably be rather lengthy. This is
Section 1. Section 2, about getting lodging and food, will be
along in a few days.]


Section 1:  Pleasantries

Xasa! (Alternate transliteration: Shasa!)

formal: Domyet!
informal: Sulsu!




Thank You

Do you speak (English/Spanish/French/Dutch/<whatever>)?
do txendoro...
you ?-speak

...anlandor? [English]
...espanlador? [Spanish]

I don't speak (conlang) very well.
Ka dora beÿndjaf (mÿjador) .
I speak well-neg-adv (Mÿjador).


Ka doradja beÿn (mÿjador).
I  speak-neg. well (Mÿjador).

My name is...
Kan meme gahope _________ et ka.
My mother past-name __________ to me.
["hopal" takes the name as the direct object, the named item is
the indirect object. Kind of fuzzy on a direct translation of
"hopal" into English, but I am hot and fatigued, so maybe there
is one. Feel free to suggest. As the phrase suggests, naming is a
mother's right and duty.]

What is your name?
Don meme txengahope kor et do?
your mother ?-past-name what to you?

How are you?
Do txenatvo beÿn?
You ?-are well?

I am well.
Ka atva beÿn.

I am not well.
Ka atvadja beÿn.
Ka atva beÿndjaf.

I am the walrus, coo coo ca choo.
Ka eta ad mehelis, ku ku ka txu.


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