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Re: Alborgian

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 5, 2005, 18:16
Ingmar Roerdinkholder jazdy:

> Did you name it after "Ajami", better known as Mozárabe (Mozarabic), the > Romance language of Andalucia under Moorish rule?
Mozarabic was the prototype I had in mind while constructing this project. I invented the name "3ajamiya" before I knew it had been applied to the REAL language.
> I'd like to know more about YOUR Ajami, is it a conlang or is it a modern > form of Mozarabe, or ... Tell me all about it.
Since the conhistory of the project lies in the realm of an alternative timeline (where there were no Reconquista), it is definitely a conlang. Resources about Mozarabaic *here are too scarce, so MY Ajami is a kind of Mediaeval Spanish plus a lot of Arabic lexical borrowings. I used Farsi as a pattern. Most of the material is on paper. I have uploaded today several sporadic web pages that were originally intended to be my private notes in digital form, but I had no time to type all I had on paper. You can see it here: To see it correctly, you may need to switch to WestEuropean encoding manually - blame it to the
> Btw, I'm sure there is enough to be found on the web about all kind of > Arabic dialects, just try and look for it. > > If your interested, I can send you my file about Alborgian, but it is > written in Dutch...
No, thanx. I think I could figure out linguistic Dutch, but Arabic dialects aren't my first priority now. I'm trying to find time and stamina for fleshing out my project #20 (a Turkic conlang with strong Slavic influence) and a concultural project of alternative history "1934: Kirov Is With Us". -- Yitzik