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From:Ingmar Roerdinkholder <ingmar.roerdinkholder@...>
Date:Thursday, June 30, 2005, 18:29
An example of Alborgian, originally a Maghrebi-Arabic dialect, comparable
to Maltese but even more thoroughly influenced by Romance; it's the last
treshold of Iberian Arabic, spoken by Christians on the imaginary island
of Alborgia, South of Portugal.

A short example:

We nar mesih w'oliedo kal n'el abo d'o:
Papá, en heb (en) mesí f'el alm kwir!
Xâft youa basta d'el blêna zaïra deva.
En soal-ek: atê-li 'l denêr-i, o ageos!
L'abo gewab: Joan, enta l'olied'i 'l char helo.
Iella 'l soal-ek meis fásel l'i.
Alês la, papá? La'n kar figa onê.

One good day a boy said to his father:
Daddy, I want to go into the big world!
I've seen enough of our little country now.
I ask you: give me my money, and farewell!
The father answered: John, you are my sweetest son.
But your question isn't easy to me.
Why not, Dad? I cannot stay here.

more or less Portuguese, so:
-o = usually [u]
x, -s = [S]
ge, gi, j = [Z]
ê = [e]
é = [E]
ô = [o]
ó = [O]

Anyone familiar with (Western) Arabic dialects should recognize most words,
and a lot of Portuguese ones as well.


Ingmar wrote:
>> I made all those Artlangs because I liked it, and not because I want >> the world to speak them, including Middelsprake.
Henrik wrote:
>Wow! Many of these seem really interesting. Could you post some bits >and pieces to give an impression?


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