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Re: Latin Hebrew creole -- some samples

From:Patrick Dunn <pdunn@...>
Date:Sunday, January 5, 2003, 22:12
Steg Belsky wrote:

> > > Masculine Hebrew pronouns (ata, hu) for singular and feminine > > > Hebrew > > > pronouns (aten, hen) for plural... for variety, or is there a > > > deeper meaning behind the choice? :-) > > > Esoteric. Masculinity belongs to the second sphere, hokmah; it > > perceives > > itself and the monad, and is therefore called "wise." But > > femininity > > belongs to the third sphere, binah, which enwombs the masculine and > > looks > > outward to the rest of the tree (or universe), and thereby attains > > "understanding." Or, to put it another way, Adam alone is "he," but > > Elohim made Havvah, to make them "they." (I hope you're not > > insulted by > > my goyish cabala -- I've met people who are, and it makes me feel > > bad to insult them. :) ) > - > > Also interesting... and don't worry, i'm not insulted. It's not like i'm > a qabbalist or anything... quite the opposite, in fact :-P .
I was once attacked for making some cabalistic comment (in the sort of place such things wouldn't be weird, mind you) by someone who challenged me to quote from the sefer yetzira to support my assertion. I think I said something about the word "en" and its implicit denial of identity (_en_, "there is not," written in Hebrew, is an anagram of _ani_, "I", thus cabalistically calling into question the existence of a self, for those who don't know the cabala or Hebrew). We later became friends, but it made me sensitive to how people react to an Irish boy studying the cabala, even poorly (or perhaps, especially poorly).
> > > Where does this |mi| come from? > > > I can't remember. *picks up his grammars* I seem to remember it > > came from Hebrew. Was it a prefix? Hmm. Mystery to me. > - > > > |mitlabeish| ~ (i am) getting dressed >
I bet that's it. Although "hit" might have been a better choice if that's where I got it from.