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From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Sunday, November 19, 2006, 17:56

It's intersting that a lot of conlang projects, either solo or collaborative,
often get off to a flying start but then sputter and die after a short while. I
guess that's why I have so many sketch-langs and so few "mature" conlangs.
There's that exciting first rush of enthusiasm when a new idea takes hold, but
then, for me at least, my attention span fades when it gets down to the point
where massive amounts of "clerical" or uninspiring repetative work needs to be
done.  At some point I have to sit down and slog through the list of all the
fruits and vegatables and coin words for them all, and that sort of work can
just get sooooo boring!

So my current antidote is to do some sketch-langs based on making small
alterations to an existing natlang or prior conlang. Five others have joined in
the fun and each spent a few minutes contributing their sketch-lang ideas and
the family tree of languages descended from the original root is up to 32
members. Drop by and take a peek, or spend a few minutes adding your own
sketch-lang to the family tree.



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