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Vocab #7

From:Aidan Grey <grey@...>
Date:Friday, May 10, 2002, 18:20
   Brought to you by f (for finals) and s (for studying) and comparative

   1. book
    That book over there (yonder) is thicker than the one I'm using now.

   2. desk
     I sat at my desk longer than the day has hours. (i.e. for more than 24

   3. study
     I've been studying with better students than I (am).

   4. finals / final examinations (also as sg.)
     I will do better on the final than him.

   5. midterm(s) / midterm examination(s)
     I did worse on my midterm for this class than I've ever done before.

   6. grade / score / marks
     I hope to get higher scores on the final exams than I did on the
midterm exams.

   7. stress(ed): n. or adj.
     I am more stressed than I thought I would be.

   8. busy
     I have been busier than ever lately.

   9. write, compose (a paper, article, etc)
    I have to write 678 papers by Tuesday.

   10. research
    I have never researched a topic longer than I have researched this one.
(this sentence includes an opportunity for a resumptive verb or proverb, if
you have one!)

    On a side note, I wonder if these have been useful to people? I mean,
do people have requests for topics? Have I been too obtuse in my selections
of subject matter? Or are they great / fantastic / more amazingly amazing
than the most amazing thing one could ponder? Just want to check in and see
how people are feeling about the exercise.

   Also, I may not do the exercises this summer (travelling), but will
definitely resume once late August hits. Is this okay, or will people go
into withdrawal? ;^D

    Aidan the harried student


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