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Re: USAGE: Thorn vs Eth

From:Tony HydraulicOrganismGeneratedforAccurateRepair,Destruction <james.hogard@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 9, 2002, 13:33
John Cowan:

> Initial "th" is /D/ in closed-class words only; > > Intervocalic "th" is /D/ except in words of Greek origin; > > Final "th" is /D/ if a silent "e" follows, and in some pron. of > "with"; > > All other "th" is /T/. > > (Anglophones, I'd be interested to hear of exceptions.)
Intervocalic /T/ -- "within", "without". I've heard "loath" both ways, but I differentiate adjective "loath" /loT/ and verb "loathe" /loD/. -Tony