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Re: theme/rheme markers

From:O'Connell James <jamestomas2@...>
Date:Friday, June 29, 2001, 19:28
I'm using theme = old information (bending towards the
subject of conversation)
rheme - new information (either on the same subject or
on a new subject of conversation)
Not very clear I know, but the terminology is vague to
start off with.


 --- The Gray Wizard <dbell@...> wrote: > >
From: O'Connell James
> > > > Ok, I came up with this system for Elenyo, and I > was > > wondering if anyone had a comparable system in > their > > own lang. This presumes knowledge of prague school > > theme/rheme > > First we need a definition of terms. > > While two of the three segments of sentence > structure (grammatical and > semantic) are clear enough to me, the third, the > communicative (theme/rheme > or theme/transitional zone/rheme) has always been > somewhat more elusive for > me. Nor do I believe there is any agreement about > the definition of > theme/rheme in a sentence. I have seen them defined > by means of the > information value for the discourse of various parts > of a sentence, such > that the theme is what is known or given and the > rheme is the unknown or > new. This seems to overlap significantly with Topic > and Focus. Others > define the them according to the contribution of > parts of a sentence to the > _development_ of a discourse. If the contribution is > minor, then the > relevant part of the sentence is the theme, and if > it is major, it is called > the rheme. How do you define these? > > Stay curious, > David > > David E. Bell > The Gray Wizard > > > Wisdom begins in wonder.
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