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Re: Chinese writing systems

From:Florian Rivoal <florian@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 6, 2002, 5:32
>On Tue, 5 Nov 2002 16:07:08 +0800 Florian Rivoal <florian@...> >writes: >> >John writes: >> > >> >>MAYBE IT'S MORE LIKE THE EXPERIENCE OF READING ENGLISH IN ALL CAPS >> >>AND IN A REALLY, REALLY UGLY FONT TO BOOT. >> > >> >I suppose, but jarring though that experience may be (and we do it >> >with advertising all the time), it doesn't make me swoon into a >> >r
�camier claiming, "I can't....I can't read this....please, take it
>> >away and read it for me." "I can't read this." is a not an uncommon >> >response among Taiwanese faced with mainland simplified text. >> rember mainland is the land of thoose awfull comunists who want to >> invade and destroy our peacefull island �c >- > >Actually, talking about Chinese characters... >I don't know if it'll survive, but i got this message (which i am now >responding to) with a random hanzi in it! Third line from the top of >Florian's paragraph, the first word is (at least on my screen) >"r{hanzi}amier". Having only taken 2 semesters of Japanese, i don't >recognize it (also it's pretty small), but it uses the 'door'(?) radical >you find in "hear", and then inside it there's something that looks like >the one Japanese uses for the |sei| in |sensei| (teacher) and |gakusei| >(student), except without the little smitchik on the upper-left. It may >have a little smitchik in the lower right part.
i also have it, though it look diferent in the mail preview window, and in the actual reading window. This kind of random apperance of hanzi or accentuate leters is common when people don't use the same encoding system. Actualy i turned my windows to be "native chinese", and hanzi pop up out of no-where if people use anything else than 7-bit ascii or standard unicode. The hanzi you see, if i understand correctly what you say, is the same as the one i see when i look main window. It is "door" embracing "king", which does not have anything in the lower right part. my chinese dictionary gives: [run4] astron. intercalation run4 nian2 : leap (or intercalary) year run4 ri4 : leap (or intercalary) day run4 yue4 : intercalary month in the lunar calendar; leap month if it does have something in the lower right part, then it would not be "kind", but "gem", or "jade" or something aproching. But none of my chinese or japanese dictionaries have any entry for "gem" inside "door".