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Elemental Forces (was: Re: water (was:re:sounds like...))

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 24, 1998, 6:17
Matt wrote:

>Because water-the-substance plays a crucial role in Tokana >metaphysics, and by extension, in Tokana metaphor. According to >the Tokana, fire and water are the two 'elemental forces' of the >universe, which combine to create all forms of matter and >energy. These forces are each associated with various 'changes' >or 'turnings' ("mislapi") within the mind/body. Fire is >associated to 'warm' or 'active' changes (physical exertion, >strength, libido, mental concentration, etc.), while water is >associated with 'cool' or 'passive' changes (mental and physical >relaxation, spiritual contemplation, sleep and dreaming, >meditation, etc.).
This is remarkably similar to the traditional way Lumanesians view the universe. The Lumanesians also believe in two elements; the ethereal/active element called 'Fire' and the corporeal/inactive element called 'Water'. The force that shapes the universe by both binding and separating these two elements is called 'Life'. These terms are merely metaphorical: 'Fire' represents everything deemed ethereal and/or active (fire, air, wind, work, activity). 'Water' represents the opposite of everything 'Fire' stands for. That is, everything that is deemed corporeal and/or inactive (water, earth, rest, sleep). 'Life' represents the force that is responsible for combining, separating, and/or allocating these two elements accordingly in order to shape the universe. It is believed that the universe came into existence mysteriously and spontaneously. There are striking parallels with the 'big bang' theory. Originally, according to traditional beliefs, the two elements 'Fire' and 'Water' were fused together in a cosmic muck. The universe had no internal structure as we know it; the two elements were indistinguishable from each other, light from darkness, space from time, but most of all life from death. The 'birth' of the universe began when a 'Life' arose from this muck! It spontaneously brought forth the 'Heart-beat of the Cosmos', and with this led to the beginning of Time. Each pulse consisted of light/matter/energy, and the silences consisted of darkness/void. The pulses of 'Life' contributed to the gradual separation and sorting of the two elements. Initially, the corporeal element of 'Water' formed the corporeal Earth with various bodies of water, while the ethereal element of 'Fire' formed the ethereal Heavens with the sun and stars. The process of separation is still not complete and continues to this day, sometimes with violent reactions: Residual 'Water' elements in the Heavens leads to the creation of clouds, rains, and typhoons. Residual 'Fire' elements in the Earth leads to the creation of volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. This is called the 'Detachment of the Cosmos'. Lumanesians believe that when the separation of the elements is complete, 'Life' will die, the 'Heart-beat of the Cosmos' will cease, and the 'Detachment of the Cosmos' will reverse. The 'Re-attachment of the Cosmos' is the Lumanesian version of Armagedon. There are, of course, stories connected with the first humans, first animals, first plants, etc.. that are a direct result of the 'Detachment of the Cosmos'. I still have to work out the details. One day, I hope to write this all up properly, and perhaps turn it into a sacred cycle of stories. But that'll have to wait til I'm not so busy... Regards, -Kristian- 8-)