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From:Clinton Moreland-Stringham <morelanc@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 24, 1998, 5:28
On Wed, 27 May 1998, Quetz tence:

> Cool! What do you have so far? A while back, I searched the web for > some basic numerology things for ideas. Some ways of combining numbers > and such, but nothing that really sank in. I'm not even sure what > numbers would have meaning, for good or bad or travel or whatever. > Anyway, I'd be interested in what you have!
Ok, I'm WAAAAAAAY late, but here's some details on Aelyan numerology: Aelya has 27 letters, which are organized into groups (encen) of 9, thence their numeric equivalent. (e.g. a=1 b=2 l=3 f=4 s=5 etc..) Each number is associated with 3 of the 27 sacred trees, the trees serve as a sort of "grammar" of the religion, they structure ritual belief etc. Once the numbers are added together (according to various sytems depending on purpose of reading) the final numbers provide info which relates to elemental triads. There are 9 elements (earth, air, fire, water, spirit, metal, wood, chaos, flesh) which combine in threes to form 729 triads. These relate directly to combinations of the trees in twos (27*27=729). Each elemental triad and tree pair (tardhu and yathu respectively) has an image, a deity who speaks through it, and a meaning. In strict numerology, these tardhu and yathu can also be derived from one's numbers. The numbers of course have meanings as well: 1: Chaos, fate, Na Dawyn speaks 2: Destiny, choices, challenges, change, the Adanne (ancestors) speak 3: the world, cycles, emotion, magic, Brid speaks 4: strcture, work, organizations, definition and destiny, Ogma speaks 5: the otherworlds, dreams, sleep, love, magic, CorraVar speaks 6: malevolent sorcery, journeys, Bran speaks 7: underworld, ritual, purification, Midir speaks 8: danger, sex, drugs, freedom, Dagda speaks 9: perfection, harmony, balance, happiness, Lugh speaks Those are some of the associations, but not all. I haven't figured them all out yet, and waht I do have figured out is sacred, and shouldn't be further elaborated in writing. Clinton