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Re: Elemental Forces (was: Re: water (was:re:sounds like...))

From:lucasso <lucasso@...>
Date:Thursday, November 26, 1998, 13:21
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Data: 24 listopada 1998 07:14
Temat: Elemental Forces (was: Re: water (was:re:sounds like...))

>Matt wrote: > > >>Because water-the-substance plays a crucial role in Tokana >>metaphysics, and by extension, in Tokana metaphor. According to >>the Tokana, fire and water are the two 'elemental forces' of the >>universe, which combine to create all forms of matter and >>energy. These forces are each associated with various 'changes' >>or 'turnings' ("mislapi") within the mind/body. Fire is >>associated to 'warm' or 'active' changes (physical exertion, >>strength, libido, mental concentration, etc.), while water is >>associated with 'cool' or 'passive' changes (mental and physical >>relaxation, spiritual contemplation, sleep and dreaming, >>meditation, etc.). > >This is remarkably similar to the traditional way Lumanesians view >the universe. The Lumanesians also believe in two elements; the >ethereal/active element called 'Fire' and the corporeal/inactive >element called 'Water'. The force that shapes the universe by both >binding and separating these two elements is called 'Life'. > >These terms are merely metaphorical: 'Fire' represents everything >deemed ethereal and/or active (fire, air, wind, work, activity). >'Water' represents the opposite of everything 'Fire' stands for. >That is, everything that is deemed corporeal and/or inactive (water, >earth, rest, sleep). 'Life' represents the force that is responsible >for combining, separating, and/or allocating these two elements >accordingly in order to shape the universe.
geee.... i love such dualism too... when(if) i fin(n)ish my conlang i intend to create a complicated dualisti= c philosophical religion... ^_^' but the main problem is language now (wat doo ya think is betta: if 'sara' is white and 'la(h)e' is see, then white sea should be sarala'(= h)e or la'sara first one is more ligical, second is more unfamiliar such problems kills my conlanging :) ) ) -- lucasso