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liking (was: Re: Have a nice day, and other things...)

From:Matt Pearson <jmpearson@...>
Date:Thursday, March 2, 2000, 16:06
Mia (who isn't feeling well--get well soon!!) wrote:

>I discovered while typing the ea-luna dictionary that there are 2 >words that mean >"enjoy", so the other (_nali_) now means to enjoy in a sensual >way (the way you enjoy a massage or your favorite dessert) while >_rewa_ means something akin to "like" in a more general sense. >[_nali_ is clearly related to _nalu_, "love". I suspect that >these words came in at the very earliest stages of vocabulary >development, before I changed to a more arbitrary way of >assigning meanings to possible words.]
Tokana has a similar distinction. There are two words meaning "to like/enjoy". "Huaita" has nuances of "to appreciate" or "to have a good opinion of", while "henka" has nuances of "to enjoy senusally" or "to derive physical/emotional pleasure from"--not in a sexual way, but in a more general 'sensory' way. "Huaita" would be used to express enjoyment of a person's company, or of a novel, or appreciation of a clever argument or a wise sentiment. "Henka" would be used to express enjoyment of food, sex, good music, etc.. Matt.