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Re: liking (was: Re: Have a nice day, and other things...)

From:Mia <tuozin@...>
Date:Sunday, March 5, 2000, 3:30
Nik Taylor wrote:
> There are several suspicious pairs in Watakassí, like [hyphens added > only to make the root clear, not actually written] wa-náu/láu (piece of > fruit/eat), wa-saní/pi-taní (house/inhabited place). There is a prefix > n(a)- which means "that which/one who", or occasionally "that which > is/one who is" (i.e., passive), so náu is often thought of as being > short for n-láu (that which is eaten). However, there's no evidence > that this is the case; wanáu goes back to Common Kassí, when na- meant > "person associated with" (later came to mean "one who", then finally > "one who, that which" - and now _tai-_ (related to su-takí, person) is > the normal prefix for "one who"). In fact, I think that the Common > Kassí had greater differences between the two; something like láqu vs. > náhu, or something like that, I don't have the etymologies with me. > > However, the saní/taní correspondance is not so easily dismissed. The > similarities go back to Common Kassí; it is may be that the two are > related, perhaps connected with pre-Kassí dialectal variations)
I have been interested in seeing how much of a Proto-luna I could reconstruct from the similar words I find in ea-luna. (Surprisingly, many of these pairs came up after I adopted a more random method for vocabulary generation.) The first case I noticed in ea-luna is teme-temi-temu which mean "mill"-"merchandise" or "goods"-"greedy" respectively. The -e, -i, and -u endings are meaningless, but I suspect that there is a common ancestor to these words, and perhaps that final vowel is related to a set of intermediate words that shared the "tem-" root. There are several other examples like this. I sometimes get the feeling that ea-luna underwent some sort of great upheaval, in which someone or some group of people may have purposely re-engineered it from an earlier form for unknown reasons. I wonder why they would have done that... hmmm... something for me to "discover". -- Mia (