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English Changes or what into Conlangs

From:abrigon <abrigon@...>
Date:Friday, December 3, 1999, 9:31
I agree Axiem that English needs to have some standardized way of adding
new words as well as those words we already have. Also agree about the
term Oxen and all, I believe in German the -en is still used.. Why did
we get stuck with -es and -s, I think it may have alot to do with those
who wrote dictionaries back in the 16th Century, who wanted a lingo to
be more Latin/French looking. Basically was the change of the lingo from
Old to Middle and later to Modern real changes or were they forced on us
by those who wanted changes?
A little bit of both I will say.
But your reasons for Conlanging is valid in that since the effort to
standardize is a massive project, a conlang is alot easier to deal with
than 500 years of traditions..


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