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Re: Conlang - Miksa and more.

From:Joe Mondello <rugpretzel@...>
Date:Saturday, May 1, 1999, 14:15
In a message dated 5/1/99 5:34:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
mike_adams61@HOTMAIL.COM writes:

> cow = anizhazutuv (animal, herbivour, land, large, domesticated)
or ox or horse or mule (unless a mule is considered small compared to a cow and then it would be anizhazutav and a goat would be something else (I had real trouble reading your web page.)
> goat = anizhazutav (animal, herbivour, land, small,
domesticated) or sheep or pig. or, if you want to go even smaller, rabbit, hamster, lab rat, chicken, or duck (i am guessing that are herbivores), etc. etc. etc. BTW, what does the word "jap" mean in your phonology? pacs precs joe Mondello