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Re : THEORY : voices

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Date:Saturday, May 1, 1999, 7:22
Also a few examples of voices drawn from different types of actors :

transitive with instruments, locatives, agents, auxiliary instruments, etc.
(applicatives) :
to sail = i sail (on a boat)
to sail = the boat sails
*to sail = *the sail sails (a boat)
*to sail = *i sail goods
to sail = *the goods sail on a boat
to be sailed = to sail in the harbour > *the harbour is sailed in

antipassive :
to sell = the sellsman sells cars = active
to be sold = the cars are sold = passive
to sell = the cars sell well = antipassive

transformative (result) :
to cut = i cut bread into slices
to be cut = slices are cut (from bread)

perfective (state) :
to cut = i cut down the tree
to be cut = the tree is cut down

(see also a discussion about Tokana mixing voice and aspect a while ago)