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From:Abrigon Gusiq <mike_adams61@...>
Date:Saturday, May 1, 1999, 9:33
One of my Conlangs below, more at my webpage.

Working on a new one, that allows for quick and precide identification of

Noun and type, to include what the animal is, descriptively.
Pronoun and type
Verb and what it is, and how much, and what type (mental, phyical, and
As well as the other parts of the lingo.
So that it does not matter how you arrange the sentance, you automatically
know what is subject, what is verb, and what is object and other things.

My other Lingo goes in more depth, and has a larger vocabulary, and covers
more things, since it is the newer fo the two.


PS: Can people please send TEXT only files, or maybe HTML, but not Word and
like, I can't seem them other than as gibberish, same with grafic files,
since I get this as a digest.
04/02/1999 (When Redone some)   MIKSA
Normally sentences are SVO (subject verb object).
But possible is Primary Subject, secondary subject, verb, and object.

The man went to the store with his dog.
The man and dog went to store.

Thing   (Thi)
        living (li)
                normally (no)
                        sentient        Thilinose
                        domesticated    Thilinodo
                        wild            Thilinowi
                        dead            -bipa
        non-living (no)

Place   (Pla)
        living          plali
        commerce        placo
        worship         plawo
(Alternate form is Copla, LiPla, WoPla)

Emotion (Emo)
        positive        = emoga
        negative        = emogo
        negative        = emo
        positive        = emo

Action (Aki)
        constructive    = akiga
        destructive     = akigo


Sense (Se)
        hear/say        = Sehe
        see/shine       = Seshi
        taste/flavor    = seta
        feel            = sefe (also used for the word physical)
        smell           = sese
        think           = sethi

To say something is:ak'he.
To see something is ak'Shi

Feel pain = Feogoshi = sharp feel negative

Physical Pain=
Mental Pain=Feogosethi (think sense feel negative <shapr or other>

To define pain you need to state what is the source of the pain and then
add the negative to the source word. Such as physical pain = sogo (feel


animal          = ani
land            = anila
land/sea        = anilase
sea             = anise
sea/air         = anisere
air             = anire
air/land        = anierla

Herbivour       = tehe
Piscivour       = tepi
Omnivour        = temo
Carnivour       = teka
Insectvour      = tese

exothermic      = vuwi (outside warm)
endothermic     = vawi (inside warm)

cow             = anizhazutuv (animal, herbivour, land, large, domesticated)
goat            = anizhazutav (animal, herbivour, land, small, domesticated)

red             = core
yellow          = coye
green           = coge
blue            = colu
indigo          = codi
violet          = covi
brown           = coro

Constructive    = co
Destructive     = de

sentient        = -f
domesticated    = -v
wild animal     = -w

front           = difo
right           = diri
rear            = dire
left            = dile
up              = depu
level           = desa
down            = dedo
half            = d@
inside          = va
close           = ve
self            = vi (also used for possesive)
far             = vo
outside         = vu

male            = -m
neuter          = -n
female          = -f

to define weather an animal or like is of the gender, then just turn the
word above into a suffix and add it to the back of the animals word.

I went to the store (masculine) = ha akpi <place of buy/sell>

Living          = -b
Non-living      = -d
Animate         = -b
Mobile          = -b
Inanimate       = -d
Non-mobile      = -d

Energy          = magy
Plasma          = mepa
Gas             = mega
Liquid          = meli
Solid           = meso
semi            = -y

less            = -l
medium/join     = -j
more            = -g
semi            = -y
possessive      = -k
wants           = -w
needs           = -wh

very destructive = more destructive

POSSESIVE:      = -k

QUESTION:       = -y

group-inclusive = -na
-inclusive     = -no

round/spherical = sharo
square          = shasku
irregular       = shado
triangle        = shatri
rectangle       = share
other           = shatho
dimension       = -zh

small           = sisa
medium          = sime
large           = sila

slow            = seslo
constant        = seco
fast            = sefa

past            = tepa
present         = tepe
future          = tefu
future must     = tefumu
future what if  = tefuy
(and or aspects)

cold            = teko   (alternate=taogo)
medium          = teme
hot             = teho

some of the suffixes are the same for different things. If the thing is
part of a verb it is modifying the verb, if it is modifying the subject
or object then it is modifying the object/subject.


Singular (Inclusive)         = -(nothing)
Singular (Non-Inclusive)  =  -t
Plural (Inclusive)            = -n
Plural (Non-Inclusive)     =  -d

Singular        Normally not needed since most subject and object are
Plural          -n

strength        = -a,-e,-i,-o,-u

Stong = -a

Weak =  -u

so a very strong action = ako or aku

if a word ends in a constonant and a suffix is added to the word, then
add a -i- to the end of the word before the suffix.

dead            = animate, past tense

The men went to the store to get groceries.
Thilinosemen ak plako ak grocerines

To the store the men went to get groceries
ak plako thilinosemen ak grocerines

a = ah (law)
e = eh (let, nest)
i = ih (lynn, it)
o = oh (low)
u = uh (fun, under)
@ = ae (ask)

b       = best
d       = dave
dh      = the th in then
p       = piss
ph (f)  = fart
g       = go
gh (j)  = jap
h       = help
k       = kill, Q in queen
l       = lap
m       = men
n       = new
r       = right
s       = sit
sh (S)  = sh in shit
t       = time
th      = th in bath
v       = very
w       = u in queen
hw      = wh in what
y       = yes
z       = zap
zh (Z)  = the s in measure

                Labial  Dental  Palatal Velar   Glottal

Explosive       p b     t d             k g     <?>

Fricative       f v     s z     (S,Z)   (W G)   h

Nasal           m       n       (J)     (N)

Contin          w       r l     j

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