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Re: Vocab 2.5

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Friday, November 22, 2002, 23:37
Here's the rest of the exercise.

--- In conlang@y..., Aidan Grey <grey@F...> wrote:

  > 6. lend
  >      She lends her time to anyone who asks.

Both languages use different verbs for this idiom.


     Jem djira povae i nacej tse dige.
     /j@n"dji:ra pO"va: i na"sej tS# di:g/
     POS:3a  time  donate  OBJ  everyone  TSE  ask:3i

     Note:  |Djira| is a period of time, not a point in time.


     Tryve tiombren oeni ci roha.
     [try:v  "timbr@n "Ajnigi "ro:h@]
     dedicate:3s  time:ACCs  each:m:OBLs  REL:m:NOMs  ask:3s

  > 7. equal
  >      We get equal pay for our work.


     Powozde u vel pungrome bla xim romae.
     /pO"wOzdM vEl pMN"gro:m bla zinrO"ma:/
     give:PSV:1  PRE  same  salary  for  POS:1  labor:GND


     Noe fi dada mergeze eogaele nottro oebri.
     [nAj fi "da:d@ mEr"ge:D E"gajl "nAttrA "Ajbri]
     PER:1p:OBL  PSV:3s  give:PPP  salary:NOMs  equal:f:NOMs
     POS:1p:n:OBLs  work:OBLs

  > 8. determination
  >      Her determination was impressive.


     Colovu jem kalugam.
     /hO"lo:vM j@N,kalM"gam/
     awe-inspire:PST:3e  POS:3a  determination

     Note:  |Kalugam| is contracted from |kalwe feggam| "marching


     Sua contsaendsa aemi era imbriwinte.
     [sUgAn"tsEndz"ajmi "e:rimbri"vint]
     POS:3s:f:NOMs  constance:NOMs  mind:GENs  be:PST:3s  impress:PTC

     Note:  Incidentally, the representative Jovian character I have
            in my head is called "Contandsa" [kAn"tandz@], an adaption
            of the German name "Constanze" [k_hOn"stants@] which is
            in turn taken from Latin "constantia".  The word
            |Contsaendsa|, however, is the direct evolution of the
            Latin word.

  > 9. anger
  >      His anger was frightening.


     Gentovu jem makra.
     /gEn"to:vM j@m "makra/
     frighten:PST:3e  POS:3a  fear


     Sua ira era terrinte.
     [sU"i:r"e:r@ tEr"rint]
     POS:3s:f:NOMs  anger:NOMs  be:PST:3s  scare:PTC

  > 10. name
  >      Their names are far too long.


     Gwaj tunke mo jem rena.
     /gwaj "tMNk# mO j@n"re:na/
     too  long  be:3e  POS:3a  name


     Sua noema eran nime longa.
     [su"nAjm"e:r@n ni:m "lANg@]
     POS:3p:n:NOMp  name:NOMp  be:PST:3p  too  long:n:NOMp

Phew.  That was fun.

-- Christian Thalmann