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Re: TRANS: Happiness

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Friday, October 26, 2001, 12:02

Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...> writes:
> cevan [tSevan]: "happiness" (the most general form) > > related substantives: > > icevan [itSevan]: "joy, happiness" > ycevan [i"tSevan]: "hope" > acevan [atSevan]: "contentment, fulfillment" > > ferun [pferun]: "search" > > related substantives > > iferun [ipferun]: "invention, creation" > yferun [i"pferun]: "search, quest" > aferun [apferun]: "finding, discovery"
Nice! Is the mechanism of prefixing i-, y- and a- totally regular? If so, what are the functions of these affixes? I'm still on my quest for particles in Tyl-Sjok for forming nice derivations of stems I already have. **Henrik


Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...>TRANS: Happiness (& a question for Christophe)