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TRANS: Happiness

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Saturday, October 20, 2001, 18:32
I, for some unknown reason awhile back, found myself on another mailing list
with short quotes or whatever daily translated into many languages at once.
And was thinking, may as well do some translations for translations sake.
And then someone wanted to know why there wasn't any translations anymore.
So spurred, here's some translations of yesterday's line:

"To find happiness, one should not seek it."

In Dunamy:

    "Fa fauti aebans, nau pilugfói arih."
    /f@ "fAti "&b@ns nA pilUg"fo.i @"4I/

    fa faut-i aeba -ns   nau pi -lugfo-i ar-ih
    to find-D happy-ness NEG IMP-seek -D NC-3SgN

i.e., "in order to find happiness, don't seek it"
In Hadwan:

    "Wríci hilíren, cobi forwaidjicor ni."
    /w4i:"tsI xI"li:4EN, tsU"BI fU4wAI"dzItsU4 nI/

    wrí -ci   hilír-   -en  cobi for-waidj-icor   ni
    find-3sTr happiness-Acc DI.M for-look -3sIntr NEG

i.e., "one finds happiness not in his looking for it"
In Henaudute:

    "Hun gorrhe pembitoxeen ageésre anu."
    /hun "gorE "pEmbitoks&:n Ag"&:s4E "Anu/

    hun gor -re pembi-tox  -een aga -as  -re an-u
    NEG find-3s happy-NMLZR-Acc PROG-seek-3s 3s-OBL

i.e., "one doesn't find happiness seeking it."
(I haven't got the energy to do one in Ramyo right now.)



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