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Re: gzb Babel text (at last) with new glossing method

From:Jim Henry <jimhenry1973@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 11, 2007, 22:44
On 4/11/07, Benct Philip Jonsson <conlang@...> wrote:
> On 10.4.2007 Jim Henry wrote: > > These docs probably want a little more formatting cleanup. > > Let me know if you spot any broken links or other problems. > > (For instance, maybe it would be cleaner if the links weren't > > all underlined? Does anyone know offhand how to do that > > with a CSS command?)
> IMNSHO links should be underlined in HTML (and everything > else shouldn't: there is italics or boldface for what
Normally I agree with you, but on a page like this where almost every word is a link, the huge mass of underlining seems a little distracting. Also, the underlining makes a few of the characters with descenders hard to read/distinguish. I think I might go with removing the underlining but leaving the coloring, and adding some comment at the top to say that links aren't underlined for such and such reasons. -- Jim Henry