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gzb Babel text (at last) with new glossing method

From:Jim Henry <jimhenry1973@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 10, 2007, 19:21
I translated the Tower of Babel story into gjâ-zym-byn (gzb)
some years ago but never got around to finishing
the interlinear gloss -- too many other things to do.  I just
wrote a Perl script to take a text file and turn it into a frameset
with the upper frame a hyperlinked version of the text and
the lower frame the gzb lexicon.  You can click any word
in the upper frame to get the definition in the lower frame.

The words that aren't hyperlinked are words not in the
lexicon -- mostly proper names, and a few compound
postpositions.  Some words are linked as a whole,
others are linked morpheme-by-morpheme;
the script tries to find a whole-word match first and links
the individual morphemes if it can't find an entry for the
whole word.

I also made a link-glossed version of the dialogues from
Luke chapter 20 that I put up unglossed a while ago:

Here is the Perl script that generates the frameset documents:

These docs probably want a little more formatting cleanup.
Let me know if you spot any broken links or other problems.
(For instance, maybe it would be cleaner if the links weren't
all underlined?  Does anyone know offhand how to do that
with a CSS command?)

Jim Henry


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