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From:Justin Mansfield <jdm314@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 18, 2001, 3:24
(I'm having a little trouble posting; excuse me if you receive multiple

     I've decided to finally get around to posting about my main
conlang, Caryatic. About this language I earlier posted:

> Anyway, my idea for the world Caryatic fits into was that it had
> same language families as Earth, but not the same languages. Caryatic > is, for example, an Indo-European language. I haven't delved much into
> the other langauges of the planet so far, but Caryatic does have > loanwords from other, unidentified, Indo-European languages, as well
> Semitic and Egyptian.
... in case you're wondering I probably was indeed thinking of Caryatids when I came up with the name, although there is no direct relation (Perhaps the Caryates were the first in their world to use female anthropomorphic pillars?) The following was the first "extended" text I wrote in Caryatic, with one minor correction. The text is from a postcard sent in the late 20th century A.D. (I hope no one has trouble with the high-ascii, though I'm hardly the first person to use it around here! If it gives you a problem, try messagesearch?query=caryatic ) Key to pronunciation- <b d g> are actually voiceless, and <p t k> are aspirates. <v> represents a bilabial fricative, <f> a labiodental... and all fricatives ( <v f s h> ) have voiced and voiceless allophones. Vowels in hiatus (i.e. adjacent, but for whatever reason not forming a diphthong) are separated by a non-phonemic [h] (or more likely [h\]). <y> represents [j]. Yûdîs Masfîus Andrayâ Sîlir-ad Ti taisam Caimânam Pirâda-an âsmi. Sas vaiks anâï "_Hell_" nâma-sânt âdi-ga. Au sî pirâdâ a "upânâ" au kavânâ âdi-ga. Ti mama dimba-sa garfu-ga. Tâd âh nâma "Kâriâtikâ" âdi-ga. Igu tua î-sa, tâssânt î "Indaurupayâ" âdi, garfu-ga. Tû pid hâsi-ra? Tû tî dimba gankasi-ra? TRANSLATION: Justin Mansfield to Andrew Sihler I am in the Cayman Islands. There is a village here by the name of "Hell." But this island is not "infernal" but heavenly. I am writing to you in my language. It's name is "Caryatic." I'm writing to you in it because it is Indo-European. What do you think? Do you understand this language? There we go. Now I must brace myself ;) -Yûdîs Masfîus


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