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Re: substrates and history

From:Frank George Valoczy <valoczy@...>
Date:Thursday, March 22, 2001, 1:28
> > This should best be moved to the Conculture list. Frank, > if you're not subscribed, you can subscribe to this list > through; as this is where those of us who > have cultures with our conlangs discuss them. It's also > where discussions of ill Bethisad's history and suchlike > happen. Sporadic as they have recently been.
Then I'm off to subscribe =)
> > >I would have a few questions now. > > > >Secondly, historywise: the history of Dalmatia I presented goes up to the > >end of the 1500's, as after that the history of Europe *here* becomes far > >more confused what with international or even transcontinental politics > >and events influencing even local histories. What happens *there* from > >about 1600 to 1900? I think I recall, that the French Revolution did take > >place *there*? > > If there was one, it was rather different. Or at least its > effects were somewhat muted. Largely, I think History > progressed more or less like *here*.
Hm, so then... this'll be interesting =) -------ferko Ferenc Gy. Valoczy Suurt chugunikka peene ahjo suhe et toukka. Virtual Votia - Vaddjamaa Internetaza: railways page: 25kV 50Hz: