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Re: TinkerFont progress report

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Monday, February 28, 2005, 1:04
Gary Shannon wrote:
> --- Phil Bordelon <phil@...> wrote: > > I rather liked the curved variant that was up > > immediately > > before this, but I can understand why you want to go > > in > > this direction.
That was my feeling too. The Kash alphabet definitely needs curves, as well as little circles; and thick/thin strokes don't matter in the basic form. Though come to think of it, it might be more attractive if there was such variation.
> > Yes, I prefer the look of the curved version too, but > it was just getting too unweildy with all the various > versions of curves that were needed to make it all > work. > > To really do a nicely curved version I think I would > need to make it into a font-building program rather > than a single universal font.
In that case, seems to me you're getting pretty close to something like High-Logic's FCP. Now...if yours won't cost $65.00.....(FCP used to be 40, then 50; I suppose now it's due to the Euro's appreciation). <political> One could legitimately fear that the US is heading for banana-republic-style inflation if _somebody_ isn't careful....


Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>