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Pangram (was Re: My first romlang sentence)

From:Sanghyeon Seo <sanxiyn@...>
Date:Sunday, February 27, 2005, 0:45
caeruleancentaur wrote:
> ten óóçen vééren púcen tem séécem çöónem òlna > ne£e£émba > > the quick brown fox the lazy dog over he-has-jumped. > > Has anyone written a sentence in his conlang(s) that contains all the > phonemes in the conlang? I'm still working on mine.
Herman Miller wrote:
> When this question came up back in 1998, I decided to try to create one > in Jarda. It's not a very good one, since it has lots of duplicated > letters, but it's the best I could come up with at the time. > > völ nôsjkhronen ðôr'ra tuz zêb cwe gholhzjarku nò yuf zese rrün spê zùg > jor de þir'rem > > "seven hundred quick wild wasps protect the expensive rose-colored > crystal in the basket next to the east staircase at the library"
I don't have anything in my own conlang, but Lojban had a quite short and elegant pangram for a long time: Lojban _.o'i mu xagji sofybakni cu zvati le purdi_ "Watch out, five hungry Soviet-cows are in the garden!" Seo Sanghyeon


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